The Penguin That Flew

(To be Illustrated)

Theme:  (A penguin who's different.)

(Illustration:  One penguin is shivering and wearing a sweater.
                      He is seen with a regular penguin.)

Other penguin:      "Are you cold again?"

Max the Penguin:  "Yes. Even a sweater doesn't seem to


Other Penguin:      "Penguins don't get cold. You're strange."

Max:                       "I don't feel strange."

(Illustration:  Max is seen talking with a little girl, age 7 - 9.

                      People "dressed as tourists" are nearby.

                      They are equipped with cameras, wearing hats,


Max:          "Hello. My name is Max."

Little Girl:  "Hi. My name is Mary."

Max:           "Where are you from?"

Mary:         "Los Angeles. I'm here with my parents.  (pause)

                  "Why are you wearing a sweater?"

Max:          "I'm cold."

Mary:        "I thought penguins weren't supposed to get cold."

Max:         "We're not. As you know, we live in the South Pole -

                 where there is only ice and snow. Everyone likes it but

                 me. I just can't get warm."

Mary:        "What are you going to do?"

Max:         "I'm trying to get to Hawaii."

Mary:        "That's a long way to swim."

Max:         "I know. I wish I could fly. But penguins can't fly.

                 For some reason, our wings won't work. We have to


Mary:        "Are you sure your wings won't work?"

Max:         "Well, yes. I mean, everyone knows that penguins

                 can't fly. We're like chickens."

Mary:       "People can't fly either."

Max:        "But they don't have wings. No one expects them to


Mary:      "That's true." (pause) What about taking an airplane?"


(Illustration:  Inside of the plane.

                      Passengers are staring at Max,

                      who is sitting in a seat by the aisle.)

Max:        "I'd feel self-conscious. I would be the only one with

                wings. The other passengers would probably wonder

                why I wasn't flying by myself. Outside."

Mary:       (affectionate laugh) "Don't be ridiculous. (pause)

                 You're funny."

Max:        "I'd be out of place. Just like I'm out of place here."

Mary:      "You're different, that's all."

Max:       "I'm too different. Sometimes the other penguins

               make fun of me. Or they talk about me in little groups.

               I can hear them use the words 'peculiar' and 'weird.'

               And they seem to stay away from me."

Mary:     "So, they're unfriendly and cruel."

Max:      "Yes. They don't like me because I wear a sweater.

              They think I'm strange. And that's not all.

              They tell me I'm too nice to the tourists."

Mary:    "Max, there are people who are different."

              And sometimes other people are mean to them.

              Why? Nobody knows.

              Most people seem to want other people to be just like


Max:      "So, people are just like penguins."

Mary:     "I'm afraid so. But don't give up. After the other penguins

               get to know you as the original penguin you are - they

               might like you. That's what often happens with people."

Max:      "They don't seem to want to know me."

Mary:    "Well, perhaps you need to be with penguins who are

             more like you."

Max:     "There aren't any."

Mary:    "Maybe you just haven't met them yet."

Max:     "Maybe."

Mary:    "Some people are so different, they may have to move

             somewhere else - so they can find people who are more

             like them."

(Illustration:   New York City.)


(Illustration:   Walking down the street:

                        - Two people wearing eyeglasses who look like


                       -  Two other people with the same odd facial


                       -  Two people who look like dreamers. (A cloud

                          floating above the head of each one.)

Max:      "That's why I want to go to Hawaii."

Mary:     "But there are no penguins in Hawaii."

Max:      "I know. But it's warm. And there are no tourists.

                    Tourists like me."

Mary:     (smiling)  "You are unique. You'll be the only penguin on     

              the beach!"

Max:      (proudly)  "That's right."

Mary:    "You're so different. Are you sure you can't fly?"

Max:     "I haven't ever tried. Everyone knows penguins can't

             fly. I doubt if I can get off the ground."

Mary:    "Maybe your wings are different."

Max:      "Well, there's a glacier over there.

              It's mostly melted, so it looks safe."

(Illustration:   They are standing on the edge of a small glacier.

                       The ice is flat, and then slowly rises towards the


Mary:      "See! It's only 8 inches high. And there's nice soft

                snow on the ground. If you can't fly, you'll make a perfect

                landing on your penguin feet."

Max:       "Ok." I'll start at the back, and I'll run towards the edge.

                Here I go!"

(Illustration:    Max is shown running from the back of the glacier.

                        He is holding his wings out as he runs.)

(Illustration:      And then he flies off the edge.)

Max:       "Look! I can fly!"

Mary:      "I knew it! Somehow I just knew it."

Max:       "Now I can fly to Hawaii! I can't wait to get warm."

Mary:     "And think of all those tourists. You'll be popular!"

Max:      "What are we waiting for? We'll fly together!"

(Illustration:     Airplane flying. Mary is looking out the window.

                         Max is flying right alongside the plane.)

(Illustration:    View from the air above. Looking down at the

                        Hollywood sign printed on the hill.)

(Illustration:     Outside the airport. There is a sign in the

                         background that says: AIRPORT.  

                         Max and Mary say farewell.)

Mary:     "Well, here we are. Los Angeles. Let's not say

               goodbye. I just know I'll see you again.

               And I'll think about you. The only penguin in Hawaii."

Max:      "I wouldn't be flying to Hawaii if it weren't for you,

              Mary. I would never have tried to fly.

              I took a chance - on something new.

              I'm glad I'm different."

(Illustration: Mary hugs Max.)

Mary:    "Max, I like you because you're special.

              I would still like you, even if you couldn't fly."


Max:    "But I can fly. So, I guess I'd better take off.

            Hawaii, here I come!"

(Illustration:    As he takes flight, he looks back.

                        He waves with one wing.)

(Illustration:    Max is seen flying in the distance.

                        Mary is in close-up, waving back.)

Mary:    "Good luck!  (pause)  I wish I had wings!"

(Illustration:    Max, flying high.

                        Hawaii is pictured below - with trees, beach,

                        and tourists.)

(Illustration:    Max - on the beach, lying in the sun, wearing

                        sunglasses. (Of course he has no sweater on.)

(Illustration:    Max, greeting tourists as they pass by.

                         They are smiling.)

(Illustration:    Max, ordering a drink from a waiter on the beach.)

Max:    "May I please have a soda? And extra ice.

            A lot of ice. After all, I'm a penguin."

(Illustration:    Words on page: "A month goes by.")

(Illustration:   Max, on the beach alone at sunset.)

Max:     (talking to himself)

             "I'm lonely. I like tourists, but it's not enough.

             I miss Mary. I need someone."

(Illustration:   Max is seen reading a newspaper with the name:

                       "Hawaii Hot News")


(Illustration:    Newspaper: Close-up of headline and photo

                        below. Big headline: "Penguin Flies to Las Vegas!"

                        Photo below: A penguin is flying across the stage.)

(Illustration:    Max, holding the newspaper, and looking ecstatic.)

Max:     "That's it! I'm moving to a new place to meet a new

             penguin. A penguin like me!"

(Illustration:    Max is flying over Las Vegas at night.

                        The lights of the city are blazing below.)

(Illustration:    Picture of Circus-Circus sign in front of the


(Illustration:    Max is shown in audience watching a penguin

                        flying in a show. She has long eyelashes and


(Illustration:    Max meets the star of the show backstage.

                        There is a sign above that reads:  "Backstage")

He:      "My name is Max."

She:    "My name is Maxine."

He:      "I can fly too."

They:   (in unison)  "We're different."

(Illustration:   They are in a show, featuring the trapeze.)

                        Both penguins are performing stunts using the


(Drum roll)

(Illustration:   Max is hanging upside-down from a swing. He is

                       the catcher.)

(Illustration:   Maxine is shown swinging down on another bar.)

(Illustration:   Maxine lets go of the bar and tries to catch his

                       wings. Their timing is off. She misses and plummets


(Illustration:    Audience gasps.)

(Illustration:    Suddenly Maxine flies.)

(Illustration:    Audience cheers.)

(Illustration:    Max flies up from his swing to join Maxine in the


(Illustration:    Two triumphant penguins on trapeze platform.)

(Illustration:    Audience is standing ovation.)

(Illustration:    (close-up)   Penguins on trapeze platform. 

                        Max and Maxine look at each other with adoration.

                        They're in love.)

(Illustration:    On the platform, Max suddenly speaks to Maxine.)

Max:    "The air conditioning is cold. I need a sweater."

The End